Meet China: The Heart Behind

The Wedding Society 

Founder and Director of The Wedding Society

With over a decade of experience in event planning, China has orchestrated numerous events and corporate launches.

Her proficiency in event organisation led her to plan a family wedding years ago. This experience began her deep dive into the wedding industry and the birth of her brainchild: The Wedding Society. 

Witnessing the sheer joy of a couple commencing their shared life journey, and having a significant hand in crafting that pivotal day, was a revelation for China. This passion project turned professional and now sees her revel in the myriad details that breathe life into a wedding. From the scents of blooming flower garlands, the intricacies of table setting designs, to the palpable anticipation leading up to a bride’s grand entrance, every nuance matters. 

China understands that a wedding’s essence lies beyond the venue or the gown. It’s in the harmonious blend of every orchestrated detail, from the symphony of music to the artistry of invitations, ensuring that everything converges flawlessly on the day witnessed by your loved ones. 

If you’re searching for a seasoned professional to shepherd the most memorable day of your life, look no further. The Wedding Society’s team is devoted to meticulously shaping an occasion that echoes your dreams, setting the stage for a serene honeymoon escape.