S & J's Wedding

After a couple of waterlogged days, I wake up to find the sun has made a rare reappearance, and not a moment too soon as it’s S&J’s big day.

Weighed down with my emergency bag, ballet pumps, and a Lindt Lindor bar, I make my way to the Mini.  It is definitely ‘shades on, roof down’ kind of weather but I manage to resist the cabriolet look for the drive over to Buckinghamshire.

The ceremony and reception are taking place at the Bride & Groom’s private home. As approach the house, Preeti Catering has already arrived, set up their gazebo, and is conjuring up tandoori chicken, lamb koftas, and other culinary delights for the wedding party. And me, of course.

A stretch tent has been set up in the garden and the tables and chairs have already been arranged with an abundance of deep reds, oranges, and yellow flowers in vases, tealights, and folded napkins, which within have the confetti placed.

My new besties, the Spin and Shake mixologists are busily prepping their potent wares for the cocktail bar. There are going to be some heavy heads tomorrow morning, according to their tempting cocktail menu.

The bride appears and whilst I’m a little worried about the wind, and her hair and makeup, she gives me a little tour of the house and the items I’m meant to oversee, etc. I finally met DJ Jah, who I will need to work with to align certain elements of the ceremony, music, and entertainers on my wedding timeline for the day.

The house and garden are starting to fill up with excited friends and family. The weather is definitely on the side of the couple and as the champagne flows, the chatter of the guests with DJ Jah carefully melding the background tunes to suit the atmosphere, I make my way upstairs to check in on the Bride and find out if she’s ready to meet her Groom.

Guiding the guests to their seats as they’re busy catching up with friends and family can be difficult, but before you know it, I’m signaling DJ Jah to start the wedding procession music. The Bride and her father start to make their way into the garden, with the Groom waiting calmly by the flower arch.  The ceremony begins.

After their personal vows, I lined up the guests for the confetti shot. Dino Jeram the chosen photographer is prepping the new Mr & Mrs for their close-ups.

With the sun still shining, the guests make their way to the bar for the first of many wonderful cocktails. In the meantime, the caterers are making final preparations for the first course.  The fairy lights and lanterns are lit to help create a dusk-like atmosphere around the tent and after the