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The Bridal Masterclass 

On another grey day in February, I was booked to attend The Bridal Masterclass at the majestic @AshridgeHouse in Berkhamsted. Even on a grey day if you’re looking for a spectacular venue for your wedding, Ashridge House will not disappoint. The Main Hall, with its fabulous entrance reception, staircase and hanging tapestries, cannot fail to impress. 

Ashridge House began life as a monastery in 1283 to house a holy relic.  After the dissolution of the monasteries, Ashridge became the property of Henry VIII and the future Queen Elizabeth I. The 190 acres of landscaped gardens are a testament to Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, the famous landscape architect who, in 1760, began work on the parkland creating the Golden Valley.   

We started the day in The Old Library. Teas, coffees and enough Danish pastries to add another kilo to my hips; it was a chance to network but to be truthful, I spent my time scanning the stunning surroundings. We were then gently rounded up and welcomed into The Lady Marian Alford room, with marble fireplaces and an elaborately decorated ceiling; a feast for the eyes. 

Finding yourself at a table of professionals you’ve never met is always daunting. Fortunately, my table was a mix of established wedding planners, a venue specialist and a new destination planner. It was wonderful to find Sian Belton of @BusyBridesWeddingPlanning a couple of tables along! My introduction to professional weddings was under the kind tutelage of Sian, and for that, I’m very thankful.   

I found the day, hosted by Kelly Mortimer @wedding_Kelly, Megan Garmers @The_Bridal_Masterclass and Daniel Doyle @streamline_social, extremely helpful and uplifting. The Art of Revenue gave me insight into how to structure my services and grow the business and how we can support fellow wedding professionals.    

With course and networking over, and no network connection on my phone, I unthinkingly drive home, hoping my instincts are strong as Google Maps is unavailable. I wonder if my fellow chatty ladies, @whiteivyflowers and @whiteviolet.ed, missed their exit on the motorway home again?! 

If you are interested in learning more about how a wedding planner can help elevate your wedding, contact The Wedding Society at or call 020 8068 1277 or 07889 647169 for a free, no-obligation chat. 

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